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10 Years - Filarmónica Juvenil del Café

The Filarmónica Juvenil del Café, attached to Comfamiliar Risaralda and the Cafeteritos Foundation, in strategic alliance with the Ministry of Culture, is a musical group composed of talented young people from the Colombian Coffee Triangle. The group has excelled in the promotion of classical and popular music, and has toured and performed concerts in different parts of the country, both in large and small cities, in schools, theaters, parks and public squares. The Philharmonic has been directed by several conductors and teachers, who have worked hard to maintain a high level of interpretation and musical training. The group's repertoire ranges from classical works to popular and contemporary music.

In the 10 years of its existence, the Filarmónica Juvenil del Café has developed a great number of activities and projects, including educational programs for young musicians, workshops, master classes and competitions. It has also collaborated with other musical groups and has participated in festivals and cultural events. Celebrating 10 years of existence is an important achievement for the group and for the community that supports it, as it demonstrates its dedication and commitment to music and its perseverance in remaining active during all these years. In addition, in these 10 years they will have trained several young musicians and will have reached a large number of people with their music.

In addition, it has had the support of various institutions and sponsors. These sponsors have contributed financially and logistically to the group, allowing them to carry out their projects and activities. Some of the most important sponsors of the Filarmónica Juvenil del Café include local and regional companies, educational and governmental institutions, as well as non-profit organizations and cultural foundations. These sponsors have contributed financial resources, musical instruments, transportation and lodging for the musicians, as well as rehearsal and performance space.

In addition to the sponsors, the Philharmonic also relies on a large number of volunteers and collaborators, who help with the planning and execution of its projects and activities. These volunteers include professional musicians, teachers, music students and other members of the community. The Filarmónica Juvenil del Café has had a great impact on the community and has been an important force in the promotion of music and culture in the region.

The support of sponsors and collaborators has been essential to the success of the group and its ability to continue to offer a wide variety of programs and activities to the community.

In 2023 the Filarmónica Juvenil del Café will continue to tour and perform concerts in different parts of the country, and to continue promoting music and culture in the region, as well as developing educational programs for young musicians of the Eje Cafetero and the country.

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